RSS Scheduled downtime next weekend starting August 20–might force you to become social

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    Reef Builders will have scheduled downtime next week on August 20 8pm CST and we expect to be back up 12 hours later on August 21st at 8AM CST. This downtime is needed to upgrade our capacity to cover the saltwater aquatics industry like we have been doing since 2007. During this time, Reef Builders will not be accessible to the internet, but don’t panic we are still here. As such if you have no life and check the website during the weekend you might want to follow our twitter handle @REEFbuilders for the latest updates. For the rest of you, you can enjoy what is left of summer buying school supplies, or spending the evening with friends. We know this is an inconvenience for some of you, because you might in fact have to be become social.

    We promise that you’ll survive.
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    Lol about getting a social life. Reefers do not have a social life
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