Saving Nemo

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    Thanks Dean...
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    Just one part I do not agree with
    Raise the prices of saltwater fish and invertebrates.

    First, That would push passionate guys on a budget out of this amazing hobby. Guys that really cares about their fish and really try to provide the best environment they can for the inmates.

    Looking at the American reality TV shows on tank builds, where money is not the problem. Do they really care what happens to the livestock? Oh, it died, buy 10 others in its place. Not saying all big systems and guys who can afford it does not care for their systems. But those shows really do give that impression at times.

    Secondly, pushing prices up via the supply chain, will only open up the black market more. Where fish are "stolen" / collected with no control, smuggled out of that country to another. The survival rates would be less than the current open trade. Rather keep the prices realistic.

    Higher prices will not stop the trade, it will damage it more.
    Its the same as pushing cigaret prices up to curb the usage. People are still smoking...

    Educating the end-users, the reefers, would be far more effective than to push prices up.

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