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    The Aqua Planet LED is an exciting new aquarium light from Sanrise with an eye-catching new design. It’s not just the spherical form factor of the Aqua Planet LED that catches the eye, but also a professional glossy finish and great colored accents.

    It might be a small touch but that highlighter green cable connection to the Sanrise Aqua Planet LED is HOT!

    Of course it takes more than a swanky new design and a shiny finish to make a great aquarium light, so the Aqua Planet LED by Sanrise will be packing plenty of heat under the hood as well. Sanrise has equipped the Aqua Planet LED with 20 high efficiency 3w/5w diodes which are grouped together behind a custom lens cluster for optimal blending of LED colors.

    Also, the Aqua Planet LED will be wirelessly controllable through the Sanrise mobile app. Using your smartphone you’ll be able to control six channels of LEDs which can be programmed for 24 different time periods, with a new and improved dimming algorithms for better simulations of sunrise and sunset modes.

    The combination of a glossy top and matte bottom is sure to make the Aqua Planet LED a very striking aquarium light pendant

    With the new Aqua Planet LED Sanrise has blurred the line between the modular and pendant form factors, essentially creating a truly gorgeous light fixture. It’s hard to tell whether the Aqua Planet is the size of a large LED pendant, still pretty small, or if it’s more in the neighborhood of Current USA’s old ‘Hairdryer’ metal halide pendant.

    We’ll find out soon enough when we see the new Aqua Planet at InterZoo 2016 in a few weeks, at which point we’ll be sure to report pricing, availability and our first impressions of Sanrise’s new lights in person.

    Our best look at the business end of the Sanrise Aqua Planet LED

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