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    The Sanrise A028 Aqua Knight is a new nano LED light which is packed with bright light and great features.The side-mounted Aqua Knight is the first ‘high power’ nano led light from Sanrise to feature high strength Cree 3W LEDs.

    The Aqua Knight is a true nano reef light rated for 30 watts of power spread across three triple-led clusters of mostly blue color spectrum, including UV. The attractive light features onboard touch controls which allows users to adjust ten levels of brightness across both blue and white color channels.

    The Sanrise A028 Aqua Knight also uses secondary triple lens clusters with a 90 degree beam angle to direct as much light down into the tank as possible. Unlike Sanrise’s previous miniature LED lights for small tanks, the Aqua Knight is actively cooled with an efficient heatsink that passively cools the light before the fan even needs to turn on.

    The mounting arm for the Aqua Knight perches the light at a slight angle and the height and length of it can be adjusted using a simple screwdriver. Despite its small size of 8.6″ by 4.3″ and just over an inch thick, this is one of the best small new LED lights to feature full powered LEDs.

    Basically the Sanrise Aqua Knight has the same inner workings of the Aqua Sanrise and corals should look just as good under the Aqua Knight. Since the Aqua Knight was just announced by Sanrise yesterday it’ll probably be a couple of weeks before we get a look at this light over a real aquarium but if the price is right, this could be a very successful low cost and high performance light for nano reefers. [Sanrise LED]

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