RSS Sander’s reef is quite a beast at almost 11 feet

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    The video of Sander’s reef aquarium pretty much speaks for itself; this is one long and awesome tank. *The tank measures 130x24x18” *for a*volume of around*235 gallons and is lit by two 8 x 80*watt ATI fixtures. *The T5 fluorescent fixtures are easily moved using the*motor of an*electrical*awning unit to lift the lights, which kinda reminds us of the*Salsa King’s impressive counterweighted canopy. A Bubble King 300 skimmer along with 1400 lbs of base and live rock is employed as filtration. Although 1400lbs of live rock in a 235 gallon tank is overkill a few times over, it is still a very likable tank. *For more info check out (although a bit outdated) the Sander reef website.
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