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    Salt Water Connection looks like they just got into the dosing pump business with a pair of peristaltic pumps aimed at being an affordable option for most hobby applications. Known for their affordable and functional protein skimmers, SWC has the potential for a solid, affordable product line with these pumps.

    The SWC 3 Dosing Pump is a master unit and features a built-in controller with three independent pumps on board. The SWC 4 Dosing Pump is a slave unit that augments your SWC 3 giving you four more pump channels to use but does require being connected to the main unit to be able to program and control each channel.


    Programming looks pretty simple, using a four-button pad where users can select the volume and time for each pump. Hobbyists can also do manual dosing by simply selecting the pump and holding down the “enter” button. The new are priced right with the SWC 3 Dosing Pump retailing for around $275 and the SWC 4 running for around $250. There is nothing listed on the SWC website about the pumps but they are being listed on Reef Filtration’s website, a distributor of SWC products.

    While these could just be rebadged pumps SWC is hitting a good point in the market. Most affordable pumps in the sub-$100 range offer little programming options and even the programmable AquaHouse dosing pump runs around $85 per pump, so three of them add up to around what one SWC 3 costs with having to just use one controller. Even though there are sexier and more expensive pumps like the DIDOSY*that catch our attention, it will be interesting to see what the word on the street is with this one.

    [via AquaNerd]
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