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    The Salifert Potassium Reef Test kit is the latest chemical measuring tool from one of the stalwart test kit companies on the reef aquarium block. According to Salifert, the Potassium reef Test can be performed in about 90 seconds. This tritatic test kit has a sharp color change, going from yellow to blue, when you hit the level in the sample. The Potassium Reef Test Kit’s resolution is 15 ppm giving you a pretty accurate read, but most of all you’ll love the discrete color change visible in the video below.

    Scientifically, there is much debate with little supporting data on the effects of potassium on coral growth or coloration but there is the school of thought that feels potassium should be monitored and/or dosed in a low nutrient system (zeolithic systems, etc.). One common thought is, since potassium is needed and consumed by bacteria and other organisms, the depletion of potassium could cause a rise in nutrients.

    So if potassium level concerns are a part of your reefing regimen, then this kit might just be right for you. Salifert is also releasing a potassium test kit in the Profi test kit line in the next few months with accuracy up to 4 or 5 ppm.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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