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    Sustainable fisheries and practices have been a hot topic inside and outside of the hobby and a new video from the Sustainable Aquarium Industry Association (SAIA) shows two controversial methods of fish collection taking place in the Philippines. For years we have known about the*cyanide method of collection and this video shows how this is done but the other disturbing method is the spearing method to collect mandarins.*

    As conscientous hobbyists we seek sustainable fish collected humanely from Bali, Fiji, Australia, Hawaii and the Marshall Islands but some fish, like wild mandarins are only exported from the Philippines and this speargunning technique is hard to believe takes place. While these images are tough to watch at times, the reality of fish lost in the chain of custody from collection to purchase at the LFS does happen at an alarming rate. This video and other educational tracts will be a part of the upcoming*SAIA-Exhibition starts this fall in Germany.

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    Put another perspective on marine keeping.

    This is exactly why our import permits are slowly being restricted.

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