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    Sabine Penisson has been*picturing the photographs of Reef Builders, articles and many other publications in Europe with some fine marine life and marine aquarium photography for quite some time now. As impressive as her imagery has been, Sabine’s latest round of images taken on a recent visit to a coral farm in Balia are intensely,*intimately*- personal. *The unique point of view that Madame Penisson uses in the capture of marine aquarium subjects makes the viewer feel like they were really there.*

    Sabine didn’t just visit any Balinese coral farm, she visited Sa Amblard the makers of fine maricultured stony corals such as*Montipora altasepta, Acropora robusta,*and a cornucopia of other small colorful coral colonies – not the least of which are some mind-boggling deepwater Acros. Sa Amblard has been around long enough that their ocean farmed corals have likely made it into most reef aquariums around the world, either directly as a maricultured colony or indirectly as a locally traded coral species. Without a doubt Sabine’s contribution is is the best coverage of a coral farm we’ve seen since the three year old Fiji coral gardening video.

    Perhaps one advantage of the pictures of these up close and personal maricultured corals from Bali is that they are grown so close to the water surface, and lit by the ultimate metal halide – the Sun. The images shared with you here are just a smattering of the photographs that were produced on Sabine’s trip to Sa Amblard so be sure to check out the full rundown at*Le Bac A Sab.






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