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    Royal Nature is adding to its product line with three professional-grade test kits for magnesium, calcium and alkalinity this month at Zoomark 2013 in Blogona, Italy.

    Keeping the tests user friendly was a big concern for Royal Nature and the company was able to get both the calcium and magnesium to two steps and three steps for the alkalinity test. Having clear color changes in the titration was also key, to help eliminate user confusion on guessing if they are reading the test accurately.

    Speaking of*accuracy, the company is boasting more than 99% accuracy of the tests.**In internal laboratory tests, Royal Nature never got a mistake of more than 0.5%.

    Each test uses a two-part chemical reaction and a*syringe*to add water until the final color is hit. Royal Nature also guarantees you’ll get 50 tests out of the calcium and*magnesium*kits and around 200 for the alkalinity tests.

    Final pricing has not been set but should come in under $30 or less and should be available in the US market in June.

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