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    Royal Nature, the evaporated sea salt from Israel, is finally hitting the US with a new representative here working on distribution. The selling point for Royal Nature is getting as close to nature as possible. If you look at the key ingredient levels in Royal Nature against natural sea water, you can see how they formulated it to match it as closely as possible.

    The team at Royal Nature walked us through the process from the sea through a series of evaporation ponds that help precipitate out unwanted compounds such as gypsum to deliver salt keeping as much beneficial goodness from the Red Sea for your tank. It takes two months to work through the process from seawater to packaging.

    Available in four sizes — a 30 gallon bag, an 80 gallon small bucket, an 185 gallon large bucket and 200 gallon bags for store use. The large 185 gallon bucket retails for around $79.99. If you are a store or retailer looking to stock the salt, contact the distribution team at


    The advanced*ROYAL NATURE SALT FORMULA*was developed following a long and comprehensive research study of the real needs and necessities of the modern reef aquarium and the focal point was how to keep a healthy and balanced reef tank for a long period of time.

    For that purpose, we chose the best pharmaceutical salt that, together with our special advanced formula, optimized the macro elements of CALCIUM – MAGNESIUM – POTASSIUM, as well as ALKALINITY and PH, to meet the highest requirements of reef tanks.

    Since our basic Salt (NACL) is produced by evaporation from pure tropical seawater, it contains all macro and micro elements in the exact proportions found in tropical sea water where your fish and corals come from, and therefore will give them the best results. The salt is designed to dissolve quickly and with its unique chemistry, you get the optimum formula and best results.

    Free from nitrates, phosphates, silicates and other unwanted metals and chemicals,*ROYAL NATURE*is simply the best salt for the care of fish, corals (SPS, LPS) and other invertebrates in the reef aquarium.

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    Would this also be hitting South Africa at a later stage...?

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