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    The Royal Eclusiv White Line fo water pumps is a new reorganization of the top end Red Dragon 4 and Dreamliner pumps which are targeted at extreme flow where only an external motor will do. The White Line water pumps from Royal Exclusiv range in flow rates from 10,000 to 35,000 liters per hour (2,200 to 9,250 gph) but the White Line Mini will be of particular interest to the ‘average’ huge hobbyist marine or reef aquarium.

    The White Line Mini water pumps come in three models, with peak flowrates of 10, 12 and 14,000 liters per hour while drawing only 250 watts. Like the venerable Red Dragon water pumps, the Royal Exclusiv White Line Mini are endowed with*exceptionally*quiet performance and a small footprint which appears about the same as a typical Reeflo or Dolphin external pump. Details on Royal Exclusiv’s new White Line and White Line Mini water pumps are still scant but we’ll be sure to chat them up with Klaus Jansen at InterZoo in a couple weeks. [Royal Exclusiv]


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