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    Royal Exclusiv USA is a new division of the venerable German aquarium company which has been in the works for nearly two years now. Last fall, Royal Exclusiv USA Llc. was officially formed in Ft. Myers Florida with an office and a 4000 square foot warehouse to concentrate on the very strong marine aquarium reef scene in North America.

    For a decade now Royal Exclusiv has struggled to gain a foothold in the US market by putting all their trust in third parties to adequately stock, market, and support the Royal Exclusiv brand. Finally, Klaus Jansen has had enough and decided to take matters into his own hands by opening a legitimate branch of Royal Exclusiv that will now deal exclusively with the fine hand crafted products.

    The new US-based warehouse means that delivery times and prices will be dramatically reduced and we should see more reasonable pricing of the high performance aquarium goods across the board. Not to mention that sales, service and support will be dramatically improved. The new Royal Exclusiv USA warehouse will open on May 1st and slowly ramp up operations over the summer to be in full swing in time for the next big reefing season.

    We are extremely delighted to see Royal Exclusiv taking their business in America in their own hands. We hope to see a lot more Red Dragons, Bubble Kings and Dreamboxes on domestic reef tanks in the future and the beautiful aquarium displays they will power and support. Stay tuned.
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