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    Hot on the heels of refreshing their online webshop Royal Exclusiv is flaunting two new upgrades to their line of venerable aquarium products – The Bubble King Mini 200 is now available with the Red Dragon 3 speedy and the Mini Red Dragon 6.0 joins an already broad line of heavy duty and efficient water pumps.

    Coming in at 1099€ (US$1422) the Bubble King Mini 200 can draw upwards of 1500 lph while using only 50 watts of energy. The controllable Red Dragon 3 Speedy allows a third form of protein skimming adjustment in addition to air draw and the height of the water level inside the skimmer body. The BK Mini 200 has its Red Dragon 3 speedy air/water foam engine placed right in the base so it can skim the heck out of your reef tank while only taking up 9 x 9 inches of floor space inside your sump.


    Meanwhile the Mini Red Dragon 6.0 pushes six cubic meters of water, a little over 1,500 gph, and using only 65 watts. Red Dragon pumps including the Mini series are*renowned*for their efficiency and quiet operation and while we love our Sicce Syncra pumps, the Syncra 5.0 uses 105 watts to push about 1350 gallons every sixty minutes. The only “catch” being that the Mini Red Dragon 6.0 will set you back $300 more than the Syncra 5, available now from Royal Exclusiv now for 430€.


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