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    In a new development which is sure to excite the reef aquarium gearheads, Royal Exclusiv has*just*given its dusty old geocities-era website a complete makeover with more than a superficial outcome. On the new website you’ll find a modern web shop devoted to Royal Exclusiv products with all models of their water pumps and sumps being featured. All of the Red Dragon pumps including the Red Dragon 1 and Red Dragon 3 are available to buy in their water flowing and protein skimmer needle-wheeling forms.*

    Royal Exclusiv is also selling several versions of the Dreambox and Nano Dreambox sumps, some of them paired up as awesome kits including Bubble King protein skimmers and Red Dragon water pumps. What is notably absent from the new direct-purchase website by Royal Exclusiv is any individual protein skimmers. The Bubble King and SuperMarin line of high performance protein skimmers are nowhere to be found on the new webshop, however all manner of parts for them are.

    If there ever was a gripe about Royal Exclusiv products it never was their performance or quality or attention to detail but over here in the US across the pond from the factory the biggest complaint has been the availability of parts. Whether it’s due to improper handling, accidents or spills all parts break and Royal Exclusiv’s new webshop is fully loaded with every O-ring, volute, impeller, rotor and nozzle that you could ever need to get your equipment back in action.
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