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    Float switches have been used for a long time in combination with skimmers, automatically turning off the skimmer pump when a certain water level is reached. Mechanical float switches are however not the most trust worthy options considering that they stop working if something gets stuck between the mechanism. In the case that that is something you are concerned about Royal Exclusiv is now releasing a capactive non-contact level sensor for those that want the most reliable control.

    The Royal Exklusiv non-contact level switch sensor is mounted on the outside of the cup, and like float sensors is able to turn of the skimmer pump when a certain water level is reached. Considering that it is mounted on the outside of the cup, it should be very easy to install and the level sensor shouldn’t need much cleaning. That said, we are a little bit concerned about skimmer gunk build up inside the cup blocking the level sensor, so you probably wouldn’t want to use one unless you are using it in combination with a neck cleaner.

    The Royal Exclusiv non-contact capacitive level sensor is currently available for sale on the Royal Exclusiv website for 189 euros (245 dollars), although that includes just the switch and nothing else. We’re unsure if the sensor will be available as a complete package anytime soon. For more info on new the Royal Exlusiv level sensor, be sure to head over to the product page
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