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    The Red Dragob 3 Speedy 230 is one of Royal Exclusiv’s most powerful and high performing water pumps for saltwater tanks ever. For many years now, Royal Exclusiv has been making the most powerful and exciting aquarium-specific water pumps for high performance applications. Long before the DC pumps came to the market, the Red Dragon pump has been killing flowrate and air draw records and today’s new pump announcement promises to keep Royal Exclusiv at the top of the pack.

    [​IMG]As the name implies, the Red Dragon 3 Speedy 230 is a 230 watt version of Royal Exclusiv’s all titanium, all German-built water pumping machine. The stock version of the RD3 Speedy 230 can push over 20,000 liters per hour at a height of 2 meters, or 5,283 gallons at 6.6 feet, but the real magic happens when users know exactly what they want, and can configure this water moving beast for ultimate performance.

    [​IMG]Klaus being a master of the custom volute has developed several different options for volute and impeller combinations that eek out even more crazy output. There’s a special “closed” impeller design for high pressure applications that can send water up to 10 meters, 33 feet high, or a special propeller-impeller for closed applications requiring less pressure to crank out upwards of 30,000 liters of water per hour – that’s an insane 8,000 gallons per hour out of a single, submersible pump!

    [​IMG]There’s also a 3D printed “lattice” needle wheel impeller under development which promises to make the RD3 speedy one of the most powerful protein skimmer pumps the aquarium world has ever seen. And of course, this major beast is fully controllable with a waterproof rated controller, that is Apex ready and also compatible with a variety of different controllers and external signals.

    [​IMG] This kind of super-high performance and German engineering won’t come cheap, as you’re looking at a 995€ introductory price that will then go up to 1150€. Calling this pump expensive is an understatement but if you are running the kind of reef tank that can even use this kind of serious horsepower, you already know what it takes to reef in the big leagues. [Meerwasser Forum]

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