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    Royal Exclusiv is releasing their own set of media reactors, and like all their other lines will be a classy as they are functional. Appropriately named the Dreambox media filters, the reactors are part of Royal Exclusiv Dreambox line which includes the simply stunning Dreambox sump. CNC machined to perfection out of high quality rigid PVC and plexiglas and hand assembled in Germany, these are probably the most premium media filters you can lay your eyes on.

    Beside high quality craftmanship the set of Royal Exclusiv also has some other tricks up it’s sleeves, mainly that the water inlet and outlet are located on the bottom rather than on the top, as is usually the case. As a result the whole reactor actually looks quite a bit less clustered. The Dreambox media filters also feature a twist off lid, rather than thumb screws, making changing out media a breeze.

    Like all Royal Exclusiv products you get what you pay for, so these Dreambox Media filters won’t come cheap. The smallest of the line up at 2 liters will retail for 199.99 euros (265 dollars), while the 2.5 and 5 liter reactors will sell for 215 and 255 euros (280 and 355 dollars) respectively. Keep in mind however that those are European prices, so when purchased in the US the pricing will likely be slightly different. The Royal Exclusiv Dreambox media filters can be purchased today on the Royal Exclusiv website.









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