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    ROWA AS VitaCor is a new trace element additive from Rowa Marine. Depending on how you look at it, ROWA AS VitaCor could be either a peculiar or a totally natural product for the maker of fine GFO. The ROWA Life Elements are described as a “specially selected range of micronutrients and minerals tailored to sustaining the inhabitants of your saltwater aquarium” which also includes amino acids of some kind.

    For a company known for purifying water and taking almost everything out, ROWA AS VitaCor kind of does the opposite of all previous products. In a way, it makes a lot of sense for ROWA to release a trace element additive that replenishes all the stuff that ROWA takes out. The marketing for ROWA Life Elements claims to do all the good stuff other additives do, faster, bigger stronger corals but it’ll be just another aquarium juice until reefers take it through its paces for real world testing.
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