RSS Route 66 Marine’s new Australian branching red goniopora has Porites envy

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    Red branching goniopora is a novel new growth form of the popular red flowerpot coral which was recently introduced to American reefers by the coral powerhouse, Route 66 Marine. At first glance the pictures of the red branching goni made it appear as an interesting novelty but seeing it in person was anything but. Unlike typical branching flowerpot, this new red form shipping out of SoCal has finger-thin branches that together with the small fuzzy polyps really makes it look like a branchy red Porites.*

    In this additional image you can see that the red branching goni is not semi-branching, it’s all in with an arborescent growth form that could really grab attention as quite an attractive fuzzy colored stick. Best of all, since Route 66 deals in volume they appear to have landed enough colonies of the red branching flowerpot for the new ecomorph to get nation-wide distribution, and a lot of stores are already enjoying it. We can’t wait to see more of the branching red goni once a few colonies have had the chance to settle into aquarium life where they can grow into large colonies of red branching flowerpot coral.

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