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8 May 2007
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The Rossmont Waver has finally been revealed in full detail and you can color us impressed. The Waver is so much more than a simple ‘wavemaker’ as it looks poised to shake up the current status quo of what controllable propeller pumps should do, and for how much.

We have to admit that when Rossmont first took the wraps off its Waver controller for Mover pumps, we were relatively unfazed. Other companies have attempted to make versions of their pumps that were controllable, usually with a large clunky proprietary box that was hard to use, and generally ineffective. However with the Rossmont Waver, it’s looking like we have some truly disruptive technology in the pipeline.

What we find particularly compelling about the Rossmont Waver and Mover pumps is that they will bring programmable flow pumps within reach of even more reef aquarists, both technically and financially. We already knew that the Rossmont waver would be able to directly control up to two Waver pumps, of any model, even though they are built with AC motors.

However we have since learned that not only will the Waver be controllable wirelessly, it will also be able to network with your home router so you can control your pumps from any internet connection, regardless of whether you are a home local area network. A number of water flow program presets will be available for both smartphone, tablet and desktop applications and the touchscreen interface should make accessing all those features incredibly easy and intuitive.

At this point you’re probably wondering how much all this propeller pump luxury will cost and this is the real kicker. We previously estimated that a pair of Rossmont’s largest Mover MX4100 would cost around $240 while the Waver would probably come in at around $249, but it turns out it will be much less.

The Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) for the Waver will be $199 and a pair of Mover MX4100 are already available in an Advanced System Pack for $209. This puts a fully working, wirelessly controllable and programmable system with two powerful propeller pumps with a combined maximum flow of around 8,000 gallons per hour at just $409! And this is minimum advertised price so who knows how much bundles for both will cost.

The combined cost of a Rossmont Waver and two of their biggest Mover pumps slashes the barrier to entry to high end water flow in the reef aquarium, and offers some tangible competition to all the established water pump manufacturers. If the features, performance and durability of the Rossmont Waver and Mover pumps hold up to their spec sheets, Rossmont could truly disrupt the current landscape of water flow in the reef aquarium.
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