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8 May 2007
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The Rossmont Waver is an interesting water pump control device specially designed to work with Rossmont Mover water pumps. What is interesting about is that while all controllable propeller pumps use direct current (DC), Rossmont has figured out a way to control their alternating current (AC) pumps using the custom-made Waver device.

Now Rossmonts been teasing the existence of their Waver wavemaker for quite some time now but today we got our first look at how well the Waver actually works. This recently uploaded video shows a pair of Rossmont Mover pumps connected to the Waver box, clearly creating the beautiful kind of alternating wave that is the peak of precise propeller pump motor control. If the Waver can generate this kind of real harmonic wave using the AC Mover pumps then it shouldn’t have any problem performing any of the other delicate motor controls that reefers might want to manage water movement in the aquarium.

The new video appears to show the Rossmont Waver and Mover pumps set up in an aquarium store with a decent level of background noise. despite being shot rather close to the setup, we cannot distinguish any motor noise from the rapid pulsing of the Movers with the Waver, although surely the pumps would be more audible in a quieter environment such as a living room.

The Rossmont Waver is priced at 249€ and it’s conceivable that it could be priced very close to $249 when it is made available in North America. The Waver is compatible with both the Rossmont Mover and Rossmont Mover MX series of pumps. The largest Mover MX pushes approximately 4,100 gallons per hour and priced at $119 so a bundle including one Rossmont Waver and two of the largest movers might cost under $500.

This is competitive in pricing compared to a pair of Vortech MP40 QuietDrives with a combined flowrate of 9,000 gallons per hour for $700, or a Neptune Systems WAV starter kit with a flowrate of 8,000 gph for $499. The real big difference here is that the Rossmont can be placed anywhere inside the tank like the WAV but it doesn’t burden users with the hassle of purchasing and installing an additional controller for $200 to $400 more.

The wireless control screen showing many of the settings and features of the Rossmont Waver

Furthermore, the Rossmont Waver has full wireless control capabilities and the primary interface is through mobile devices or personal computers and any number of flow settings and programs can be adjusted and scheduled, just like the WAV and Vortech pumps. For larger tanks an additional slave module version of the Rossmont Waver will be available for adding two pumps at a time.

The level of design and engineering that Rossmont has put into the new generation of Movers and now with the Waver pump controller hints at greater ambitions for the relatively new manufacturer. With the propeller pump market really dominated in the low end by cheap pumps and high end by ‘super pumps’, Rossmont has carved out a tangible roadmap for a high performing pump with very great pricing and we welcome the increased competition in this space.
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