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8 May 2007
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The Rossmont Waver is a new device being teased beginning today by the upstart Italian company. With the Mover and Mover MX series of low-profile water pumps, Rossmont became the first new aquarium water pump company to introduce completely new models in quite a long time.

Currently the Rossmont Mover pumps are among some of the best quality AC propeller pumps available on the market, but due to their inherent design they cannot be readily controlled and manipulated the way that DC pumps can. To circumvent this limitation, Rossmont is really proud of their new Waver pump controller which is specially designed to control their AC current propeller pumps.

According to Rossmont, they are the first company in the world being able to produce a driver for AC synchronous aquarium pumps powered at mains voltage (e.g. USA= 120VAC-60Hz). So aquarists will be able to adjust the speed and subsequent flow of whichever Rossmont Mover pump model, all the M series from M900 up to the newest MX4100, by simply plugging into the Rossmont Waver.

The Rossmont Waverthe will have two separate independent channels to control up to two pumps and it powers them without the need of any adaptor or particular plug. Apparently the ability to control AC motor speed and resulting flow in just one of the features of the forthcoming Rossmont Waver, and more features and functionality will be revealed in due time.
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