Rossmont Riser, Mover and Waver hands-on and review

9 Nov 2011
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Fellow reef geeks.

I am always looking for some new gadgets to add to my tank, and needed a bit more flow in my tank as well as an upgrade to my return pump. I found some new pumps from Rossmont that have some great functionality at a reasonable price point. However found that there aren’t many reviews on them, so I’ll do a write up for anyone interested. For those not familiar with the brand, as a company they fairly new and until now not available in South Africa. They produce the world’s first AC controllable pumps, made in Italy and have great warranties the Riser (return pump) has a 2-year warranty and the Mover a 3-year warranty. The main reason I chose them is for AC’s reliability, Rossmonts’s built quality and because I have heard many complaints about cheaper DC pumps that don't last very long. I currently run a sicce which is also Italian made and has served me very well, but I needed a bit more control. Here’s a look at the packaging.


Just an FYI awesome looking packaging, these pumps look amazing. Upon opening the attention to detail is simply astounding. Best way to describe it is simple, functional and very straightforward. There is nothing hidden away in copious amounts of smaller boxes and packets at all. Below are a few more pics of the pumps and the packaging.





Early impression of the Riser in hand, its heavy. For such a small pump it really feels solid the overall built quality seems great compared to the sicce’s I’ve used. All in all, I’m really happy with it. Taking it out of the packaging it needs a bit of assembling to connect the base to the pump for the vibration dampening. Noting too difficult but once done it is solid and looks great. From what I’ve read it is pretty silent and I can understand why. Along with the pump, there are 2 barb fittings included and can be plumbed wet or dry. At full power, it puts out 3200 L/H at 52W and without the controller it runs like any other AC pump at full blast. But unlike my sicce pump, the output cannot be restricted. However, with the Waver it allows for flow rates between 30% to 100%. Here’s a closer look at the Riser fully assembled, reminds me of a stormtrooper just one that does not mind getting wet.





On to the Mover. The one I got is the M3400 the smallest one they make as it will be working alongside the Mp 10 I have. Just to boost the flow a bit. The movers come in 2 sizes the M series and the MX series. There is a small difference in size between the two but not much. Both the M series and MX series share the same size body just different flow rates. The size of the actual pump is about the same as my Mp 10 (wet and dryside together). So not too bad for the flow you are getting. Mine gives 3400 L/H at 5W and the largest MX 15200 does 15200 L/H at 24W. Disassembly is straightforward, built quality seems decent and the vibration dampening looks good as well. Once it is in the tank I will compare it to my Mp 10. It comes with a cover for the front to stop small fish and critters from entering the pump when it is off, a flow concentrator that changes the flow angle from a wide 120 degrees to 60 degrees. And a cleaning brush that might not seem like much but is really a great addition. The magnet is strong, really strong. I nearly lost a finger to it; the M series can be used on glass up to 15mm in thickness and the MX series 19mm. The magnet mount allows you to adjust the pump vertically and horizontally to get the perfect placement for your aquascape.





Feel free to follow along for the rest of the review and setup. I am waiting on the Waver (control unit) before getting them wet, as that is when they really come into play. Without the Waver the pumps run like normal AC pumps at full tilt, the controller allows you to set the flow rate between 30% and 100%. It has 2 channels, so you can control 2 pumps off one Waver. It has Wi-Fi connectivity and apps for Android and ios. You also get some cool features, on the Riser there is a sump mode that allows you to calibrate the pump to a minimum flow rate which allows you to keep your return running during feed mode. By keeping water flowing at a slower rate down the overflow. It limits the amount of food going down the overflow which in turn leads to no more air in the return lines after feeding mode. On the Movers you get advanced wave programming and some new voice commands. You can go into feeding mode, minimum power setting and back to normal operation with them.



Feel free to ask questions and I’ll try to answer them as best I can.
2 Aug 2012
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Hi I also recently purchased the Riser. How do you find the noise from it? mine seems to generate a very audible hum.
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