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    The Mover propeller pump is a new device from a new company called Rossmont which takes great pride in designing and fabricating in its native Italy. With other high quality pump manufacturers like Eden, Sicce and Hydor also being based in Italy, there sure is a concentration of know-how in the water pump manufacturing space in this country, explaining to some degree how Rossmont came to be.

    The Mover water pump features an exceptionally small size with great effort having been spent to reduce the pump’s footprint while getting as much flow from it as possible. The Mover comes in four sizes, from a 5w model that pushes 3400lph(900gph) for 75€ (~$101) to the most powerful 15 watt model pushing 7200lph (1900gph) for 138€ (~$187).


    The native flow angle of the Rossmont Movers is 120 degrees of relatively turbulent flow, although an add-on nozzle can reduce that angle to produce more laminar flow over a 60 degree angle. Like most modern prop pumps the Mover has an articulated mount for directing it where you want and it is fixed to the glass up to 0.6 inches thick with a standard issue magnet mount.

    One neat feature of the Mover that is touted by Rossmont is the Auto Cleaning System (ACS) which they claim keeps the pump cleaner by sucking water in past the moving parts, keeping them cleaner of debree on a regular basis and reducing the need for maintenance. At the moment it appears that Rossmont is only making a 230v version of their Mover pumps so North American and Japanese may have to wait for a native 110/110v version to be made.

    The flow rates and efficiencies of the Rossmont Mover pump are in line with some of the best propeller pumps on the market today, but what makes the Mover special is how small this pump is in comparison. Although not the absolute smallest prop pump, that honor goes to the Nano Evo Korallias, the flow the Movers produce for their size appears to be in a league of its own.

    Rossmont is understandably very proud of their new Mover Propeller Pump but we had to LOL a little bit at their iPhone Apple-esque introductory video with very similar videography cues that many of you will recognize from the lighting, font and even the pleasant elevator music in the background. Still, it’s better to do a cheesy video than none at all and to take pride in what you make so to that end, we hope the Mover is a good water pump because that’s what really matters.*[Rossmont via Acuaristica]

    Rossmont - Mover M Series - The smallest aquarium stream pump in the world - YouTube
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