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    Rossmont has come up on the one year anniversary of the announcement of their unique Rossmont Mover pumps. To celebrate, Rossmont has entrusted us to reveal that a brand new range of water pumps called the Mover MX line will soon be released with some definite technical successes in tow.

    The Rossmont Mover MX will have the same dimensions of the present M models but with improvements to overall flow rates without changing the size of the pumps in any way. The new Rossmont Mover MX pumps will come in four models for the aquarium market and they will feature the same quality, features and quiet operation of their predecessors.

    When they become available the Rossmont Mover MX will range from 2600 to 4100 gallons per hour and are expected to retail from $89 to $119. The announcement of the new Rossmont Mover MX means that their line of water pumps will now be stronger than their initial offering all the while coming in a lower price point than before.

    One of the leading fixed-flow, in-tank propeller pumps available to reefers is the Sicce Voyager HP 4000, which pushes a believable 4,000 gph and retails for just about $200. Color us a little skeptical that Rossmont will be able to deliver the same performance for almost half the cost as Sicce, but we’ll have to see the pumps in action to do side by side comparisons when the Rossmont MX is released for a full verdict. [Rossmont]

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