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    115 recently released this remarkable video shot in Papua New Guinea. While many other reefs and dive destinations in the Coral Triangle are dealing with the negative impact mankind has had on the local ecosystem, PNG is one of the “last unspoiled diving destinations left on earth,” according to the film’s description – and we couldn’t agree more.

    Not only is the subject matter intriguing, it is filmed in such a vivid and compelling way. The true beauty of the reefs and its creatures are captured in such an incredible manner we were just awestruck and speechless after watching this.

    The video was shot by Dustin and Tyra Adamson of The website and company was founded in 2013 to share the beauty of the underwater world with everyone and if you take a look at the website, there are many fine examples of this in action.

    Rolling in the Deep - Papua New Guinea on Vimeo
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