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    It is always a lot of fun to see reef aquarium mature from a system filled with frags to a reef aquarium stocked with massive colonies. It is also much fun predicting how a system will mature, and if it will mature as a successful system. At this point Rodney Ridikas reef is not yet at the height of it’s potential, but it is getting there* and so far we love it. Located in Sidney, Australia the equipment layout of the Rodney’s system is extremely streamlined, and the minimalistic rock scape promises much room for coral growth. Coral coloration is great, and some of the colonies are starting to reach show worthy sizes. A beautiful system we’ll definitely keep checking back on, and a system we are sure will mature very well.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

    The dimensions of display tank is 55 by 29.5 by 20 inches (140 x 75 x 50 cm) which results in a water volume of around 138 gallons (525 liters). Flow within the system is achieved by the use of a combination of Tunze pumps , and the zooxanthellae* receive their photon’s from a set of three GHL Mitras LED fixtures. A Bubble Pioneer Cone skimmer in combination with Rowaphos and activated carbon ran in Two Little Fishes reactors take care of all the nutrients. Calcium and alkalinity are maintained through the use of a Turbo calcium reactor running ARM Coarse media.










    We sure to check out the video, along more with the photo’s above. For more information on the system along with additional pictures additionally be sure to check out Rodney Ridikas’ build thread over as MASA.

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