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8 May 2007
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We’ve been covering the introduction and development of the Ocean Swipe 360 for some time now, and today this device is part of a crowdfunding campaign to finally bring it to market. If you’re not familiar with the Ocean Swipe 360, let us bring you up to speed.

The Ocean Swipe 360 is a patented glass cleaning robot for aquariums that can navigate itself across your primary tank wall, and around corners to get all the visible sides of a glass tank. Mark Hausmann has been working on the Ocean Swipe 360 for several years now and it has been designed to not just propel itself across the tank wall to clean it, but to do so intelligently.

The touch-sensitive controller and interface for programming and operating the Ocean Swipe 360

The Ocean Swipe 360 can navigate obstacles, including navigating around the tank bottom to avoid picking up any gravel in the cleaning pad. Furthermore, if you get a scratch in your acrylic tank, the Ocean Swipe is capable of being programmed to buff out some of the smaller scratches and blemishes in acrylic aquariums.

The RoboSnail held a lot of promise as an aquarium tank cleaner but it’s been on the market for several years now but it never really broke through in the market. As a robotic aquarium glass cleaner, the Ocean Swipe is in a completely different category with boat loads of sensitive sensors and sophisticated programming to ensure trouble-free and effective operation for keeping all of your aquariums walls in tip top shape.

multiple generations of the Ocean Swipe 360 glass cleaning robot

The cost of entry to be one of the first to own the Ocean Swipe 360 is really not as much as we would have thought, coming in at just $660 with enough track to install on three sides of a 180 gallon aquarium (6 x 2 x 2 feet) on three sides. If you have a larger tank, the Ocean Swipe can clean glass that is up to 1.25 inches thick, and there are crowdfunding levels with up to 40 feet of track – this option will be especially attractive to the maintenance guys who service the really jumbo reef tanks.

The Ocean Swipe is rich with many more features than we could list in this single post, but it’s fair to say, this is one device that has a lot going for it. If there’s only one slight catch to the crowdfunding campaign, it’s that you’ll have to wait until September of next year to receive the Ocean Swipe 360 from this KickStarter campaign.

That may seem like a really long time, but really it’s just the home stretch for a project that has been under development for more than four years. If you would like to back this Ocean Swipe campaign, or find out more information about the exhaustive specifications of the new promising robotic aquarium glass cleaner, check out the full campaign on KickStarter.

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