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    The RoboSnail has been known about, teased and flaunted for so long there was a definite chance that this intriguing device could become vaporware. This is no longer the case as we learned from AquaGenesis that the RoboSnail is landing at an American port this week and shipping next week.

    In short order we should be seeing the RoboSnail all across the country where the $299 Roomba for your reef tank will be wiping down tanks, while the European market will have to wait just one more month to get theirs. We’ve said just about everything there is to say about the RoboSnail since its first unveiling over two years ago.

    This year at MACNA we had an intimate encounter with the actual glass-cleaning RoboSnail finding the device to be solidly built, and now it’s just ready to be put into service. While we had his attention we had to ask the RoboSnail inventor Milan*Rafailovich what it’s like to have perpetually clean glass and his candid reply was priceless:

    “I love it dude! I went to San Francisco for two weeks and when I came back the glass was still clean, while the sides of the tank were really, really green.”

    It won’t be long now until the rest of us can enjoy a perpetually clean front glass, you’ll be able to pick them up from AquaGenesis direct and Aquarium Specialty will be one of the first vendors to carry and sell the RoboSnail.
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