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    hi all. so i brought a fairly new Ro unit from a fellow reefer few months ago. i finally wanna start my new 600L tank and guess what. the RO unit isnt producing any RO water. i open flush valve and only waste water comes out. than i close the flush valve like the instruction says, i get less waste water. The reefer told me its a aquria RO unit but its got no lables so i dont know what model it is. i done research and some people say i must change membrane and some people says i must change the valves and some says get a new RO unit. dont know who to believe.where can i take my RO unit in for repair or any 1 close to me (JHB South) and have Knowledge about RO units can maybe look at it for me? all help will be appreciated. thanx:thumbup:
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    How old are the filters and membranes, have they been lying dormant for awhile, maybe you have just plumbed it incorrectly?
    Bring it to Idol Marine, lets see if we can sort it out for you.
    Our tel number is 011 312 1485 and our address is shop 33 Alandale office park, corner Le Roux and Morkel street, Midrand.

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