[wtd] RO Unit Fittings In Cape Town

27 Mar 2019
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I'm based in Cape Town and recently I bought the following from https://www.marine-aquarium.co.za:
  1. RO Unit,
  2. Two pass TDS Meter
  3. Digital TDS meter
I've installed the Two Pass TDS Meter before and after the membrane and all seems good, the Two Pass TDS Meter reads about 90ppm inlet and 0ppm outlet which is great. However the Digital TDS Meter by hand reads 15pm on the outlet, which is a BIG difference. I'm uncertain which meter is most true.

So in attempt to debug the issue.

I've swapped the Two Pass TDS meter cables just to make sure that both of the input and output meters works, they work consistently the same which is good.

Do you guys know of any RO Unit shops in Cape Town that sells the pipe fittings, water pressure gauges and calibration solutions? The courier fees from Joburg is pretty high.
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