Ro or tap water ?

Discussion in 'Beginner Discussions' started by Picho, 29 Jan 2016.

  1. Picho


    23 Aug 2015
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    Nelspruit, South Africa.
    RO water is supposed to be used in a marine tank to avoid, among others, blue, green algae.
    But if there is no algae what is my Mexican snails going to eat ?
    Algae are part of the marine environment, and given the apetite of the snails, why shouldn't there be some algae ?
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  3. viper357

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    4 May 2007
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    Because you still get algae even when using RO water, there are many sources/contributing factors that cause algae, tap water can be one of the major contributors, if your tap water is of bad quality then it can be like a turbo boost for the algae and will cause it to quickly get out of control. By using RO you are effectively removing a major contributor to the cause of algae and giving yourself a fighting chance in combatting it should algae get a foothold in your aquarium. Tap water also needs to be treated for Chlorine and Chloramine removal, at the very least.
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  4. RiaanP

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    11 Aug 2008
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    Tap water will just accelerate your algae growth. Overfeed and no herbivorous fish and you will have lush green lawns. With tap water you can play golf on those greens.

    Okay, I'm over emphasizing the situation, but yes, tap water is not good.
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