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    RLSS Skimmers are one*of the few to be powered by adjustable DC pumps, in this case the Waveline DC-5000, yet they are loaded with great features at a price that doesn’t make them status symbols. Coming in a few sizes of internal and external models, the RLSS Skimmers feature a conical reaction chamber, a wide riser tube and fine adjustments of water level using a wedge pipe in the smaller models and a ball valve in the big ones.

    The heart of the RLSS Skimmer is the Waveline DC-5000, or its siblings the DC-2500 and DC-10,000. The Waveline DC pumps are adjustable from 0-100% power and have a feed mode which pauses the pump for 10 minutes; a perfect interval for feeding your reef fish and corals or for cleaning the skimmer neck and cup. Perhaps one of the neatest tricks of the RLSS Skimmers is the Universal series which come in 8, 10, and 12 inch diameters. In the case of the RLSS Skimmer R8U, it can be purchased with an eight inch reaction cone, but is upgradeable to a larger 10 inch diameter cone.

    The RLSS Skimmers start out at $579 for the smallest internal skimmer with a Waveline DC-5000, with an adjustable air intake between 900 to 1800 liters per hour and rated for 200 fully-stocked gallons. A full breakdown of the models is available H2O Systems website although this is a product information page and we’ll be on the lookout for dealers who are already carrying and stocking the RLSS Skimmers.

    Update: Check the video that was uploaded just today. [via advanced aquarist]

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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