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    RLSS Overflow boxes are a new device from Reef Life Support Systems which are a classy way to get water from your aquarium to your sump, if drilling is not*your*thing. Just the other day we had a lively discussion with someone about the relative scarcity of these once ubiquitous devices, and the disappearance of old school tricks to eject bubble from the U-tube.

    Most of the nicer new overflow boxes including the RLSS box are of the continuous-siphon kind, with a solid stream of water being channeled through the C-shaped siphon. Whereas CPR’s C-Siphon is designed with a nipple for removing air via some kind of suction, the uninterrupted white RLSS Overflow Box doesn’t. Hopefully this means they’ve figured out a way to size the path of the water through the siphon to be fast enough so that bubbles do not accumulate.

    Perhaps the best feature of the RLSS*Overflow*Box is the inclusion of large Durso standpipes to quiet the noise of draining, gurgling water. It’s easy enough to add Dursos or Maggie Mufflers to existing overflow box but having enough space for a wide diameter silencing feature is not always a given. RLSS has only released these images of their overflow boxes in two sizes, and although we have no details of other specs, pricing or availability, we’d expect these to be comparable in price to the single and dual drain boxes by Reef Octopus.

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