RSS RLSS DB12i skimmer uses a Waveline DC10 and reinforced needle wheel

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    The RLSS DB12i is the second protein skimmer model from Reef Life Support Systems which uses the ingenious open-volute needle wheel design. Following up on the RLSS DB10i, the DB12i uses the larger controllable Waveline DC10,000 that draws up to 2,100 liters of air per hour.

    The neat thing about the RLSS DB12i is that it took a little longer to engineer because whereas the Waveline DC5,000 worked fine with its current needle wheel design, RLSS has to beef up the material and design of their needle wheel for the Waveline DC10,000 because the tork was literally bending back the pins!

    The body of the DB12i is 12 inches (30cm) in diameter, it has a 16 by 12 inch footprint and it stands about just under 23 inches tall (31 X 41 X 58 cm). Paired with the 90 watt Waveline DC10,000 the RLSS DB12i is expected to cost about $1150 when it becomes available in the spring time. [RLSS]



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