RSS RLSS DB10i skimmer video shows the unique union of pump and body

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    The RLSS DB10i protein skimmer outed a couple weeks ago with that sweet Waveline DC 5000 water pump mounted in the body made its first public appearance in Dallas nearly two weeks ago.*If there was a single product at MACNA which most deserved to have its moving parts documented in video the RLSS DB10i cone skimmer is it. Besides the Algae Mower Vac, it didn’t even occur to us to whip out the video camera but since that tank was dusty from all the algae mowing that was going on, we chose the RLSS DB10i as a great kinetic subject.

    Unlike every other skimmer on the market with an internal pump, the RLSS DB10i makes use of the entire skimmer body for maximum contact time between the injected air and the water using a unique integrated volute in the base of the skimmer. The added functionality of the pump controller makes step-wise adjustment and feed mode easily accessible at the press of a button and from our extended time using the RLSS R10-U we can tell you personally how convenient these functions are.

    This early representation of the RLSS DB10i shows a lot of spinning motion conveyed to the skimmer body due to the way the pump is operated. For some applications this long spinning may increase contact time and*alter the skimming characteristics but if spin ain’t your thing, we believe that RLSS will be working to decrease this motion, or you could probably slap together a super simple baffle of your own. At just $799 and drawing nearly 3500 liters of air per hour the RLSS DB10i has a lot of potential to be a groundbreaking skimmer but we are still dying to hear some first hand accounts of how this skimmer behaves out in the field, when it becomes available that is.

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