4 May 2007
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Durban, ZA
Hi guy's I'd like to hear from those of you that have had success with ricordea.
It's the one coral that I seem to have limited luck with.
I can't get them to grow and multiply and seem to gradually waste away.

What am I missing ?
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DR, I have some luck with my green ones, there is about 5 new ones on the "mother rock"

I have some that are high up in the tank, they are moving down the rock, my middle ones are multiplying like crazy and I have one that came lose that is lying on the base of the tank, and he looks the best of them all, he is a very dark green. I have taken new photos today, I will post some later, still need to resize them
I had two and both divided twice in my one nano. Lighting was pee colored 6500K Energy savers and very minimal flow. Other than that I have no idea what to tell you.
Here is a photo so long, the two big ones at the bottom and the three small ones at the top

I wonder if they prefer slightly nutrient richer water to thrive ?

Although I've seen SPS systems that are heavily skimmed and yet they have thriving ricordea as well.
Did you guy's target feed them at all ?
Probably... my sps are all brown and rics are doing pretty well... Feed your rics, they will be bigger and better the next day.
Um, put food on them... I turn off the pumps etc then put my arm in the water with a pinch of whatever and sprinkle it on them. Sometimes I mix the food in water in a glass and then suck it up with a dropper and just slowly let the food fall out of the dropper onto the coral.
I cant even offer any help here as this is ane coral i too have had no success.
i've got a few in here now and they are going well running 250w mh in a luminarc 3
some are in a low light area and ones almost in a full light spot all seem to be going well
the first one that i put in has now split in two ! i think are quite rare brown with metallic green
and the other's are green as in pic below
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Mine battled a bit when I first got them, but have recovered and started to get nice colour. Jonothetigger I also have quite a few of those ones and some other nice but different ones. Anyone got any others to trade, or should I be asking that somewhere else?
The first batch of Ricordeas I had were ok for a week or two. Then they shriveled up and died. I was given two more rock by a family member and they are growing like wild fire. They seem to like water that is has a few nutrients in. I use Invert banquet fairly often and after a good feeding they open wider than before. I have had , in my limited experience, fairly good luck with them. At the base of most of them there are new "babies" coming off the mother ricordea.
Mille I am keen to trade. Perhaps PM me ?
I hate to say this guys but I don't think that either of the pics buy Phyco or Jonothetigger are Ricordia, but rather Rhodactis.

I Have found Ricordia Yuma from Indonesia to be better in my tanks, and must more colourful than Florida. We seem to get very limited colours here from the states
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