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    For years now the MACNA banquet has been a mild, ho-hum affair which was often burdened with more administrative affairs than actual entertainment. Even the Keynote speaker for MACNA banquet has been pulled from celebrity pools that rarely have strong ties to our aquarium world, often falling on the side of criticizing us more than being one of us. That’s all going to change at MACNA 2013 this year as we will have a whole different experience to look forward to.

    First of all, Richard Pyle will be the keynote speaker for this year’s MACNA banquet, BAM! Mr. Pyle, ambassador of the deep twilight reefs will regale us with tales of his excursions into the unknown depths of tropical reefs, and all of the truly unknown and exotic marine life that lives there. Not since MACNA 2007 in Pittsburgh with Jerry Allen has there been such a prominent keynote speaker who’s work has supported and nurtured our passions for aquaria.

    But that is far from all. Carrying on with their trailblazing trend, this year FMAS is instituting the first ever Master of Ceremonies for the MACNA banquet. M.C. Rich Ross will preside over the banquet activities in South Florida to ensure a more enjoyable evening experience, ensuring that stage production is fluid and that giving a shiny new feel to MACNA’s Saturday night.

    Having the affable Rich Ross hosting the MACNA Banquet and the illustrious Rich Pyle delivering the*Keynote*address at MACNA this year is sure to really bring a lot of fresh vigor to a 25 year old tradition. We are extremely excited about FMAS’s latest *production move and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us between now and late August. rich-ross-clam.jpg
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