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    I had an opportunity to try CORRENT digital flow meter from PRS Japan installed 1/2″ CORRENTE on my 30 gallon tank.

    First of all, I bought two 1/2″ female hose barb fitting adapter from Home Depot to connect with the CORRENTE digital meter.  Originally, I put an union between the CORRENTE and the hose barb fitting adapter, but I decided not to because there is enough space where I am trying to install.  By the way, I usually use flexible hose for plumbing on my tank because it is easier for me to connect each piece of equipment, so I used the same way.  If you want to use PVC, I recommend to put in a union fitting.


    I made sure to put enough Teflon tape when I attached the hose barb fitting to prevent potential water leaking.


    The picture below is after I installed the CORRENTE digital flow meter.  You need to be careful the direction of the CORRENTE because the flow direction is fixed to measure the flow rate correctly.


    The CORRENTE was installed just before the return nozzle in the display tank.


    Click here to view the embedded video.

    My return pump is RLSS DC6000 which is controllable DC pump with 6,000 LPH max flow rate.  After measuring the actual flow rate on my return, I was surprised that the flow rate is much lower than I expected.  Even if I set the max flow rate, the max flow rate on my tank is 441 LPH which is 1/10th of the max flow rate of RLSS DC6000.

    As you notice on my plumbing below, there is one branch off to feed the Bio Pellet reactor.  In addition of that, there are four elbow fittings to the display tank.  Therefore, I assumed that there is a lot of loss for the flow from these.  You can easily image how much impact on the flow rate would have by using the branch off and elbow.

    It is very important to know how much water is circulating your between your main display tank and sump.  Like using ZEOvit in your system, it is critical to adjust the flow rate for the reactor to get the precise water movement through the zeolite, so CORRENTE can be very important device for ZEOvit system.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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