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7 Dec 2009
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Durbanville (CPT)
Hi everyone,
After a few years absence, I've returned and this time will definitely be setting up a marine tank :m01: yay finally :m38:
I'll post in the beginners section with my idea's and ask for advice but would like to say a huge thank you to the guys in the CPT Reefkeeping whatsapp group for their help so far, as well as to the guys for the fantastic articles in the beginners section :thumbup:
What kind of tank are you planning
A reef tank with soft corals and some other inverts such as the blue legged hermit crab and the skunk cleaner shrimp.
The fish I've been looking at are ocellaris clowns, purple firefish, neon blue goby and a bi-colour dottyback. Had my list written down, but don't have it with me so can't remember for sure :m87:

You are not on SAGamer by any chance?
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lol, I knew your avatar looked familiar :)
What tank size do you have planned?
I have a 900mm x 450mm x 450mm rimless, 10mm starfire glass tank ready. It currently has FW fry in it so will only be able to start my marine adventure once the fry are large enough to go back with the adults.
That is a nice size tank, the dotty should be fine in that tank with other fish (just add it last).
Hope the fry grow up soon so you can start your tank!
I still want to see someone that gets this right. Every time I go to lfs I buy my "last" fish. Its a never ending story. I certainly struggle to get that part right

Very true. I am at that point where I have just added my "last fish" so will let you know how long that lasts :m01:
LOL yeah I think for now I'll stay away from the dottyback :m01:
hehe likewise... they're growing fairly quickly, so hope it is sooner than I anticipated.
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