Return pump in the JHB/PTA area

6 Sep 2007
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Hi there,

I am looking for a return pump, possibly a rio. Where can I get them in PTA/JHB area? Which sponsors stocks them? If you have a good quality one second hand as well, I might take it off your hands

Looking for something small and runs quite, that pumps about 2000l/h plus. As I want to use it on my skimmer, I need the water outlet to come out the side of the pump and not on the top of the pump when it is mounted.

I went to a few LFS, but most of the pumps that I seen has the mounting coming out of the top and not the side.

Was thinking of a Rio 20HF or a Rio 26HF

Any thoughts on any other pump I could use that will have this type of outlet?


4 May 2007
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I think the majority of pumps outlets are at the top, could you not just turn the pump on it's side? I know the Ocean Runner pumps and the Reef Octopus pumps have designed their brackets so that you can slide the bracket off the bottom of the pump, put it on one of the sides of the pump so that it can be turned to have the outlet coming out the side. I think the RIO might also be like that, can't remember.

Contact Dorry Pets or Reef Inmates, they will be able to help.

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