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    The ResetPlug is a simple gadget that leaps into action when your router or home gateway locks up and cuts off your internet by cycling on and off until your internet connection is restored. In today’s digital age, being able to connect and monitor you aquarium and household gadgets via the internet is definitely handy, but it always seems to be “Sanjay’s Law” that is something is going to go wrong with your aquarium, its when you’re not home to do something about it.

    For $59 the ResetPlug solves one of the first issues around connectivity troubleshooting — resetting the power on the router or gateway. This plug connects to your WiFi and when it detects the outage in service, it power cycles the WiFi router, gateway or broadband modem every five minutes until the internet starts working again. If you have more than one doohicky you want it to reset, just plug everything into a power strip and then plug the strip into the ResetPlug.

    According to the company website, it works with the 802.11n technology on the 2.4GHz band and will even work with older b and g routers. If you have enever 802.11ac routers and are using the 5GHz channel, all you need to do is activate the 2.4GHz side.

    [via The Verge]

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