Request to film Mantis Shrimp in your Aquarium

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    Hi MASAs

    Thanks for the warm welcome. The company I'm working for is making a wildlife documentary about ocean critters - unpacking "speedy" action under the ocean. We are hoping to find someone willing to let us come and film a Mantis Shrimp feeding. We are filming with a super slo-mo camera - the Phantom camera - which allows us to slow action down to 1000 frames a second!

    Please reply to me if you would be willing to let us come and film. But please be aware of the following parameters we have because of the specialized camera:

    We need to add artificial light from above - cool, daylight but quite bright.
    We would need to see photographs of your tank and Shrimp so we know it can be shot close-up - without seeing your room in the background - as if on a reef.
    We are able to travel anywhere in South Africa.

    (If this is not an inconvenience we are also looking for fast-retreating fan worms and feather duster worms... and any other suggestions for things that feed fast!

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    Check with @wild on pets, i know they had a mantis shrimp...
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