repopulating a coral reef ?

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Advice' started by Perky Pets, 9 Dec 2011.

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    No , im not on buttons but !

    Looking at all the full tank shots , it makes me think , if we wanted to repopulate a healthy , but baron reef, Could and would Reefer donate 50 % of there stock to a organization to start the reef up again, would it help and would you part with some of your prized possessions to do good ? :80:

    If its a positive answer , this could also be a argument for the continued harvesting and import export of coral ,if and when legislation changes for coral and fish collection .
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    11 Jul 2011
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    This has been an argument for some fish stocks, but there are problems with this. Some of which include interbreeding of introduced individuals with weak genes, with the local wild population (i.e raised in favorable aquarium environments, thus the week are able to reproduce, possibly allowing deleterious alleles back into a wild population; alleles which are otherwise selected against in nature). Conversely, marginal or isolated populations may be at an advantage with added genetic diversity (possibly over other competing wild populations).

    Alien species (the corals themselves, or hitchhikers), hybrids not found in nature (many of these hybrids are also sterile), antibiotic treatments, pathogens and parasites are other problems.

    This also doesn't solve the problem; why is the reef degraded in the first place (How do you plan on combating ocean acidification, overfishing, nutrient input, or increasing sea surface temps).

    What about the ecology of the reef.... Ignoring all of the above, if one was to replicate nature, each population within an ecosystem would have to be placed in the correct quantities and in their own niches to recreate the pristine reef.

    I'm sure there are many more considerations, these are just off the top of my head...

    If the reef is healthy, it should naturally repopulate... Reefs are not isolated, with larvae being transported between local reefs. If a favorable area became available, it would be repopulated naturally anyway by larval recruitment.
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