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Discussion in 'Nano Tank advice' started by Sparky, 4 May 2008.

  1. Sparky


    29 Jan 2008
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    Hi Guys

    Currently I have crushed coral as a substrate and I suspect it is just making a huge nitrate farm. Should I replace it with playsand? I have some spare from the new tank I am setting up. If yes, how should I go about doing this? Will it be safe to add my fish straight back?
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  3. Matt

    Matt MASA Contributor

    5 Jan 2008
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    sparky: I removed the crushed coral during water changes (try do this gradually to avoid any major cycle.

    Once it's all out (this should take about 4 or 5 water chanes (i'd recommend doing it over about a week) you can just add the new substrate all at once. Make sure its washed thoroughly! You can seed the new substrate with some of the old too.

    That said I was silly and removed mine all in one go. Livestock was all fine! I would be cautious and do it slowly given the chance
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