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    The Remora-S and Remora Pro-S are the first new real overhauls to the workhorse hang-on protein skimmers which created and singlehandedly dominated their own spray-injected protein skimmer category. We still recall in 1998 when there was talk amongst the die hard reefers that a “new” kind of protein skimmer was on the horizon, shortly thereafter the AquaC and subsequent Remora were THE must-have protein skimmers of the day. There were very few changes to either the AquaC or Remora skimmers over the last decade but the new Remora-S and Remora-Pro-S are ready to up their foam fractionating game for 2012.*

    The first real big change of the Remora-S and Pro-S skimmers is a significant upgrade to the spray injection mechanism to what is now being dubbed as a high flow injection, with redesigned and widened spray nozzles which allow for more air and more water from the same pump.*Of course, more air and water flow means that the normal collection cup won’t work, so AquaC increased the diameter of the foam tower and the height of the cup to handle the boost in performance. *Since the S-skimmers will represent the top of the line of our Remora Series, AquaC is also including the drain fitting as standard equipment which before was purchased separately.

    But wait! instead of using the trusty MaxiJet or Rio pumps of the past, the Remora-S is now equipped exclusively with Cobalt 1200 water pumps, you know the exact same pump that the MaxiJet 1200 used to be back when AquaC first launched the Remora skimmers. The Remora Pro-S is now using a Mag-Drive 5 and the larger mixing chamber of this model really takes advantage of the improvements of the high flow spray injection.

    There are a few other slight changes that will be noticed by long time Remora users. The mounting hardware is different with an added second bracket for more stability and the skimmers ship with a neoprene foam muffler, which is a more elegant solution to the DIY fixes you see online. *We are told that with the noise muffler in place, the skimmer is practically silent.

    Obviously, this littany of changes didn’t come overnight and AquaC has just begun to ship the Remora-S and Remora Pro-S directly to stores, as they are now the exclusive distributor of their own products. Prices are expected to be the same and we hope to learn more about the Remora-S and its Pro sibling very soon. In the meantime enjoy the video walkthrough below, and we look forward to seeing if these changes re-elevate the AquaC hang-on skimmers somewhere near their former popularity.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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