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    Not sure what is going on with this unusual looking colony of*Galaxea, but we’re glad that Bruce Carlson took the time to film it. Unlike the typical*Galaxea fascicularis that we see in the aquarium trade, this*Galaxea colony has extremely long and widely spaced corallites, with very exert septa that makes us believe that this could be a colony of*Galaxea longisepta. As great as this*Galaxea coral looks in this video under natural lighting, it would also make a fine aquarium specimen with neon green tissue in between the polyps and a bright white terminus to the corallites.*

    Although we have access to more stony coral species than ever in the*aquarium*trade, there are soooo many different coral species out in the ocean which we never see. This colony of*Galaxea longisepta from the Solomon Islands is a perfect case in point of how little the hobby knows about sister species of super common aquarium corals. Until we get tired of keeping the same old*Trachys and Lobos and Montipora neospongodes, we’ll be missing out on fascinating species from every major stony coral genera.

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    Reminds me a bit of that misty corral I got at Perky's

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