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    One can hardly deny that LiveAquaria is indeed one of the best online stores in the U.S. Although they ship only within the United States, their top notch customer service and impeccable range of high quality products are legendary even in this side of the globe. For many, the Diver’s Den has become a popular camping ground where rare fish, corals or invertebrates are sold on a first come first serve basis. It is no surprise that the inventory of the Diver’s Den, at any point in time, is often graced by the presence of a rare, collector’s item, be it a fish or coral or anything else. Because hot items fly off the shelves so quickly, it is rare to see them all together at one time.

    Screen-shot-2012-03-29-at-PM-05.28.41.png The gorgeous unknown Callogobius amikami look alike, the illustrious flashing Chromis flavicauda and the elusive Centropyge deborae are some hot items to be sold minutes upon hitting the Diver's Den earlier.

    The first picture headlining above is rare look at all rare fishes available in the Diver’s Den at the same time now. Rarity of these highly sought after fishes range from the Wrought Iron Butterflyfish from Japan, to the highly uncommon Mauritian triggerfish, to the deep Atlantic rarities such as the Klayi and Carmabi basslets and of course, the man-made hybrid Resplendent-Cherub Angelfish from RCT Hawaii. With such diversity of fishes from all over the world culminating at one location, the Diver’s Den is indeed a rare fish aficionado’s candy store. Let us not discount the ultra rarities that actually do disappear minutes upon entering the Diver’s Den. Do bear in mind that because the items in Diver’s Den are removed upon purchase, the fishes you see above may not be for sale by the time you read this article. So if you need a pair of Lunatus fairy wrasse and a Black Tang for your reef, be sure to add it into your cart before it’s too late.

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