Regal Tang Keel's Over

Discussion in 'Beginner Discussions' started by kevimac, 16 Aug 2012.

  1. kevimac


    24 Oct 2011
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    Somerset West
    I work form home, so have the advantage of scanning my tank often.
    Yesterday, around 5pm I check my tank and all is well, all fish are happy.
    1 hour later one of my regal tangs is on it's side, nose under a rock with body on the sand.

    As these tangs tend to "sleep" a lot, I suspect it's asleep.
    Just before dinner time (around 7:30pm) it's dead.

    All other fish are unaffected. Dead fish shows no sign of trauma or sickness.

    Question. Do fish die of heart failure/stokes?
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  3. cswhitehead


    25 Jul 2010
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    richards bay
    Had the same thing happen to me two weeks ago. Also a regal tang. He was my favorite fish. Seemed to 'sleep' more the last little while before he died so I suspect he was probably sick .
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